About Me

Hi, welcome to InspiredWordCast! I’m Stephen Udochi John, also known as “Yudee,” which is derived from the first two letters of my middle name, Udochi. I’m passionate about various things, including music, design, motivational outreach, and technology.

I don’t consider myself an “Oliver Twist” because

I believe there are no limits to how far you can take your passion. Your imagination is the only thing that can limit you. – Yudee

My passion for inspiring others grew significantly after I participated in an outreach program with the Greatness Foundation. This unique movement, led by Greatness, inspired many lives. Our journey took us to the School of the Blind in Umuahia, Abia state, Nigeria, where we encountered people who appeared depressed. After reaching out to them, I could see the joy in their hearts, and it made me happy.

Before this event, I had already been offering discounts on awareness materials for their outreaches. I actively participated both within and outside the group, reaching out to diverse groups of people, including orphanages and hospitals.


Why This Blog

I started this blog with the goal of reaching out to more people with inspirational content. If any of the content here inspires you, please don’t hesitate to share it. Sharing alone makes you a source of inspiration to others.

My Belief: I firmly believe that life consists of different phases, and we continue to learn until our last day on Earth. From our learning experiences, we gain inspiration that builds us up. It becomes our duty to use our experiences and inspirations to inspire others who may be going through the phases of life we’ve already crossed.

What to Expect from InspiredWordCast

Expect to find inspiration that keeps you moving forward. In the future, we hope to organize more outreach events.  If you’ve read all the way to this point, I believe we can work together to make the world a better place by inspiring and helping others. Stay tuned for trending topics, where I’ll take you through important discoveries about life’s challenges.

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Udochi John Stephen (Yudee)