3 Things that will make you Successful During COVID-19Pin

3 Things that will make you Successful During COVID-19

Currently, the world is under a siege and it has been going on for some months. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, families, and themselves during this war called COVID-19. Solutions are still in development stage, while government try to placate its citizens to stay safe and be healthy and for people to be safe they have to observe social distancing which is really affecting a lot of people, businesses and lives in general.
Life is not the same, forcing one to change almost every thing he or she knows.
As a person, you can improve your quality of life by:

1. Not Worrying:

It sound unusual because at this point you are worried about you, your family, job, and the future. In fact, it will be possible that you have consider suicide, because you are overwhelmed by what you are going through and is like this time you have no one to talk to because people are not available for you as they are going through the same thing but may not be expressive as you are. You feel like a snail that lost its shell making you vulnerable to life entirely and the most serious thing is that you don’t have someone to talk to.
What makes you feel better when you are worried? Music, playing games, talking to loved ones, movies, going out, etc?
You can worry about things, because that make you human, but don’t push it as life is full and at such you have to enjoy it to the fullest, living for you and loving you.

You do not have to worry about how to love you, just go with the flow of what you feel and be yourself.

2. Find your passion :

It is hard but you can find out your passion. What do you love doing before this period, Singing, dancing, writing, reading, etc? Start doing them, be happy, learn something new about what you love and passionate about. Try different ways of doing that particular thing you love and you will be amazed at how much you could learn about yourself. Share your experiences with your family and friends, keep memories of them by keeping video recordings, journal too.

3. Build career path around your passion

As you seek to know more about your passion, try to develop a skill around it. Most times, people who stay long and successful in their lives and businesses tend to be passionate about what they are doing. You may think you can’t make money from it, short term it could be hard but long term it will pay off. Building a skill around your passion can help you to stay even when it is tough.

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