How to get people to do whatever you want easily with these 16 tricksPin

How to get people to do whatever you want easily with these 16 tricks

Convincing someone can be one of the most difficult thing to do depending on your relationship with him/her. However, it gets worst when you don’t know the person at all. However, I will be sharing with you tricks that really works with getting people to do whatever you want.


Note that Nobody enjoys being tricked. And so, please do not use what your learn here for your own selfish reasons or evil purpose. What you are going to learn here is more about developing a platform where the odds of an event is high enough to favor you and whoever you’re trying to manipulate will be happier and enjoy themselves more.

So let’s go into more details on How to get people to do whatever you want easily with the following tricks

#1 Try to Engage in Helping out first

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Getting your friend will enjoy the activity can be done when you consider increasing the odd with  

  • If you meet him or her facing an initial challenge try handling it together as a team. So what do I mean?. Let’s look at this example, you want to have a talk with a friend about helping you out with something, and you met your friend washing his/her car at that moment, start by asking if there is anyway you could be of help, before presenting your problem. help out If there is, do it with them and it can become a bonding experience.  later, because it brought you both closer together.


#2. Use guilt to your advantage.

This trick works very well and I will tell you why. Most people feel uncomfortable repeatedly denying the same person. In other words, if someone declines a request, and then you approach them later with a different request, they are more likely to agree to your request, possibly because of some feelings of guilt or feeling that they let you down the first time.


#3. Use a Hand written note.

In an era of electronic communication platforms, a hand written note has a trick it plays on the mind of whomever you are seeking help from. It shows how serious the problem that needs to be solve is, and shows a great level of respect to the person your write to. Imagine putting up the stress of writing and as well paying to get it delivered. 

This speaks to the importance of the personal touch. A handwritten note is important, especially in the current era where so much communication tends to be electronic.”

#4. There could be no right moment. Be up front with your request.


When you are engaging someone in a conversation you need help for, don’t save your request for the last. Reason being that a request is more likely to be granted if it was asked for in the beginning of a conversation, as opposed to the end of it.

The odd of getting an active attention when presenting your problem at the end of a conversation may turn out to be very low.

In other words, when you lead with the request as opposed to saving it for the very last of an interaction [when] someone might be tired or they may have a competing demand on their attention.

#5. Remind the person he or she can always say no.

When you present a request this way, the odd of getting a positive answer dramatically increase. [It is] reminding them that they’re not hostage and that this is not a pressured situation. It put them on the spot where they try to help out another way if sincerely they really can’t help they way you want.


#6. Use the right words.

The use of language is very important when it comes to making requests. For instance let’s assume that someone initially says no or “I’m not interested,” follow up by asking, “But would you consider XYZ?” or “Would you be willing to try XYZ?”

This kind of words increases the likelihood that the person will answer positively. “If you’re talking about somebody’s willingness to do or try something, you’re now focusing on their character as a person, as opposed to their preferences,”

#7. Try Keeping in Touch always before hand 


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Most people fall guilty of what I am about to say. There is these set of persons, they don’t call to say hi, they don’t care about one’s well being in any way. These set of people only call because they need something.  Now if you are part of these group you need to change. Most time when the person you want to call sees your call he/she get frightened because they for sure know you need something and would make up excuses in their mind before you make that request.

So to increase you chances of  getting a yes to your demands try the act pf keeping in touch from time to time,. It helps alot.


#8. Put them in a good mood before hand

This part may seems a bit difficult, especially if the person in question is an awful and negative person that you somehow managed to love, but it’s much easier than you think.

There are fews thing you have to try to make this work like getting them to laugh is one of the best options, but if you’re not naturally funny and afraid to break out the tickler, frequent smiling can do the trick.

Little things like smiling and humor can go a long way, even when they’re completely unrelated to the given activity. This helps the person’s brain to have the right attitude for a given situation.


#9. Emulate the person you’re with

This strategy goes well with ‘put them in the mood before hand method’ is called mirroring, and involves subtly mimicking another person’s behavior. When talking to someone, try copying their body language, gestures, and facial expressions.


#10. Focus on what the other person will gain.


When you put the need of someone first, they are more willing to agree to something your request. This is only if and only if you frame your request in a manner that highlights what they will receive.

“Rather than saying, ‘I would like you to pay me A for something,’ it’s better to say, ‘I’ll give it to you for A’ or ‘I could let you have it for such and such a price,’

It’s always important it’s in a negotiation, so it’s not ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ but everyone feels they’ve profited in some manner.”


#11. Good physical touch may help.

A handshake or touch to the shoulder has been found to increase the chances that a request will be granted. Be careful with this one, however. You definitely have to know your audience. Reason being that in certain cultures and religions, [there are] prohibitions against contact let’s say between opposite sexes.

#12. Compliment Them 

When you compliment people it gives them  a re-affirmation of a positive personal attribute in them. Whatever you say about other people influences how people see you.

If you describe someone else as genuine and kind, people will also associate you with those qualities. The reverse is also true: for instance, if you are constantly trashing people behind their backs, your friends will start to associate the negative qualities with you as well.


#13. Try to display positive emotions

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Emotional contagion describes what happens when people are strongly influenced by the moods of other people. people can unconsciously feel the emotions of those around them.

This is because in a way we naturally mimic others’ movements and facial expressions, which in turn makes us feel something similar to what they’re feeling.

#14. Smile

Smile is like a match strike that you put on a candle thread that lightens up a place. It’s contagious, it shows that you are not consumed by your need even. You are liked the most when you smile, regardless of her body position. 

#15. Praise them 

Praise makes others feel good about themselves, making them in turn feel good about you, the praise dispenser. Just make sure the praise is genuine and capitalize on it.

If you want to get someone on your side, don’t be stingy with your praise. Humans eat up praise like a turkey dinner. 

#16. Dress the way you want to be addressed

Different colors inspire different emotional responses, so it’s worth taking a minute to think about your outfit before asking a favor. Blue can make you appear trustworthy and secure, whereas red makes you come off powerful, and energetic, but possibly dangerous.

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